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Why is full-chip electrical verification essential?

Semiconductor manufacturers suffer from errors in their designs that cannot be detected before the silicon validation stage, at a very high cost and risk to the project’s time-to-market. Existing EDA solutions are either accurate but limited in capacity or, due to oversimplification, unable to identify all errors. Design best-practices reduce the problem, but cannot solve it completely. The financial impact of these errors can reach hundreds of millions of dollars in the event of a product recall. It will also seriously damage a company’s reputation.

100% exhaustive and accurate

  • Detects all errors thanks to an electrically-accurate analysis at transistor-level on the full IC
  • Built from the ground up to remove the burden of false errors
  • Covers all possible power states in a single run
  • Enables focusing on correcting real errors rather than filtering out false errors

Easy to use for all IC designers

  • Minimizes setup effort thanks to Aniah’s smart analysis algorithm
  • Provides the benefits of formal verification at transistor level to analog and digital design engineers
  • Efficient results analysis interface including seamless integration with design tools for cross-probing

Unique error detection capacity

Aniah’s Smart Network Analysis reduces the number of false errors by a factor of 100-1000x. It can accurately model voltages in complex circuitry and opens new areas for reliability verification in complex ICs. Our Pseudo-Spice Engine detects errors that occur only in specific conditions with the support of 100% of circuit topologies. Its detection capacity is unique in the industry for errors that Spice simulators cannot detect.

Our error detection capacity is unparalleled by both Spice and static ERC :

  • Conditional High-Impedance in large-scale VLSI, including non-systematic errors
  • Reliability and electrical overstress errors in ICs with complex HV/LV voltages mix
  • Detection capacity is independent of IC scale – up to one billion of transistors
“We have been working for more than two years with Aniah and its tool promises to revolutionize IC design thanks to a disruptive approach to the crucial verification stage”

Mourad Djouder

Manager PDK and Design Flows
at STMicroelectronics.

About us

A smart circuit analysis algorithm to unleash the potential of vectorless static transistor-level verification

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Aniah is an ambitious company working on the development of a unique industry tool that leverages advanced high-performance-computing techniques for large-scale circuit analysis. We are a company on a human scale, with simple and sincere relationships. Dynamism, high standards, benevolence, and the right to make mistakes are the guiding principles of the management team.