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Aniah relies on a circuit analysis algorithm designed from scratch that offers both unparalleled performance (100x faster) and unmatched detection capacity. The analysis is optimized for debugging with seamless information sharing between IC designers.

Aniah boosts efficiency
and guarantees the
highest design
quality standards

It solves three unmet requirements
of high-quality chip design:

  • High-accuracy transistor-level verification at full-chip scale to detect 100% of targeted errors
  • Large scale deployment enabling all design engineers to fast debug design errors
  • Need to cover 100% of the operating range of circuits : 100% power modes, 100% signal states

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Time to run a mixed-signal multi power scenarios analysis on a 20 million transistors IC

Built-in errors with optimized flow

Number of types of design errors supported out-of-the-box

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Proven correct on SIlicon

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Maxime Rumpler

Introducing Maxime Rumpler, our Vice President of Sales & Communication, as he elaborates on the significance of Aniah’s value.

Baptiste Tournoud

Gain a deeper understanding of Aniah’s solution as Baptiste Tournoud, Application Engineer, provides a detailed explanation.


ERC: An exhaustive classification of false errors

ERC: An exhaustive classification of false errors

All formal verification tools, including Electrical Rules Check (ERC), must reach a trade-off between “false negatives” (i.e., real design errors that are not detected) and “false positives” (or false errors, locations where errors are erroneously reported. This...

ERC: a trade-off between coverage and false positives?

ERC: a trade-off between coverage and false positives?

Electrical Rule Checking (ERC) solutions face a double challenge: handle the billions of transistors of a chip and be accurate enough to detect all failure modes. Any solution that doesn’t have a good understanding of the function of each transistor and the electrical...


IDM and design houses deal with exceptionally high customer expectations regarding quality, delivery dates, and risk assesment. Aniah is fully committed to taking part of this burden off our customers shoulders. We have created a state-of-the-art development process and are always working to maximize our customer experience throughout all stages.


More than a customer-supplier relationship, Aniah aims to establish trusted partnerships. Honest feedback and functionality requests from our partners are essential drivers to improve and deliver a flawless customer experience.


Our goal is to remain one step ahead, bringing new functionnalities to our product every year.
For our customers to get the most value from Aniah’s software, our consultants and top managment brainstorm along with key players to visualize what the future will be like in terms of design flows and design process optimization.

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