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Our vision

Aniah was born to deliver the promise of vectorless, static, IC-scale transistor verification with a massive reduction in false errors and 100% error coverage.

Our team

Vincent Bligny

Vincent Bligny

Founder - CEO

Vincent BLIGNY is the CEO and co-founder of Aniah. He pionereed full-scale, transistor-level IC verification techniques before taking a CTO position in a Deeptech start-up. Vincent steers Aniah with a sharp focus on customer excellence to transform IC design productivity and quality.
Rémi Moriceau

Rémi Moriceau

Founder - COO

Rémi MORICEAU is Chief of Operations and co-founder. Expert in software engineering and information systems, Rémi was trained at EPITECH and was Ppreviously R&D Director of BH Technologies. During the 2 first years of Aniah he trained and led technical teams in a continuous quality testing process. Today, he manages officers team.
Maxime Rumpler

Maxime Rumpler

VP Sales

Virginie de Wit

Virginie de Wit

Human Resources Manager

Meet our team

Mickaël Klaus

Learn about Aniah and get to know us better through the perspective of Mickaël Klaus, our Chief Information Officer

Vincent Bligny

Gain insights into Aniah’s approach to problem-solving, as explained by Vincent Bligny, co-founder of the company.

Our board

Richard Moustié

Richard Moustié

Chairman of the board

Oct 1987- Oct 2006 : co-founder and CEO of Si Automation, a French company which became leader in Fault Detection and Classification data analysis system for semi-conductors and microelectronics industry. Richard manages the acquisition of Si Automtion by PDF Solutions in October 2006.

Oct 2006 – Sept 2009 : VP/General Manager of PDF Solutions France. In charge of the French operations and the R&D for the group. Member of the US board of Directors.

March 2010 – June 2020 : Co-founder and President of Qualtera, a French company specialized in Business Intelligence for electronic industry, Saas mode provider of Silicondash, a Big Data Analytics solution for yield management and quality control. Richard manages the acquiition of Qualtera by Synopsys in June 2020.

From July 2020 – Today: President of Mousties Invest SAS, Investments & consulting services dedicated to startups involved in electronics and software activities. Richard is Chairman of the board of Aniah since November 2022.

Damien Bretegnier

Damien Bretegnier


Damien has joined SuperNova in January 2020, in charge of the Semiconductor segment.
Between 2013 and 2019, Damien led the Engineering department of SATT Lutech, where he investied on more than 30 projects of deeptech startups originated in public research institutes.
Prior to this experience, he has a 14-years experience in the semiconductor industry, mainly in program managment positions with Soitec, Altis Semiconductor and Infineon Technologoies.
Besides, he has worked for 3 years in India between 2003 and 2006, in Bengalore, where he created a team for memory components for Infineon Technologies.
Damien holds a degree from ISEP (Institut supérieur d’électronique de Paris)
Notable board membership includes Cailabs, LIghton and Upmem
Bernard Fontan

Bernard Fontan


Benard Fontan is a veteran in the semiconductor industry.
With a degree from Supélec in Paris in 1973, he le the industrial and commercial implementation of Thomson Semiconducors in South-East Asia. After 1985, he leads various prodcut lines including memory, communcation circuits and mobile devices.
After 1999, as Strategic and Partnership director, he initiates and participates in several acquisitions and key partnerships for STMicroelectronics.
Now retired, he participates in early-stage-focused investments.

About us

A smart circuit analysis algorithm to unleash the potential of vectorless static transistor-level verification

Founded in

in Q4

Total funding

8.4 M€
in 2022, Q4


35 people
and growing!


since 2020

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Aniah is looking for talented professionals to support its growth. Open positions include HPC computing, state-of-the-art research and application engineering. If you love challenges and strive for excellence, join our endeavor to transform the way chips are designed.