Terms of use.

Terms of use

This notice is required by the French law on confidence in the digital economy.


  1. “Site”, “Website” or “Service”: refers to the present website in its entirety, including functionalities and content.
  2. “Company”, “ANIAH”: refers to the legal entity described in the “Service publisher” section of this page.
  3. “User”: refers to any natural or legal person who accesses the website and uses its services, features or content. This term also
    includes computer programs accessing the site to perform automated tasks such as indexing for search engines, data collection or other specific automated functions.

Service publisher

This website is published by ANIAH, a simplified joint-stock company with capital of €31,102, registered in the Grenoble Trade and
Companies Register under number “Grenoble B 879 458 701”, whose head office is located at 93 CRS BERRIAT 38000 GRENOBLE.

The Publishing Director is Maxime RUMPLER, acting as VP Sales.

Purpose of this site

The purpose of this site is to present the Company (see “Service Provider” section) and its products, and to make it easier for Users to contact the Company.

Contact the service provider

To contact the editor of this Service, please use one of the means below:

Privacy Policy – Aniah

  • Topics related to the use of personal data (RGPD): dpo@aniah.fr
  • Commercial topics: sales@aniah.fr
  • You can also contact us by telephone on 09 74 98 10 32


This Service and the data collected are hosted and processed by the following company:

WP Engine (Mexiiico’s subcontractor) (information last updated 04/30/2024):

  • Company: WP Engine
  • Address: Irongate House, 22-30 Duke’s Place, London, EC3A 7LP United Kingdom
  • Support phone number: 805-08-21-51
  • Sales phone number: +44 20 3770 9704
  • Contact: here
  • See Legals

Condition of use

Use of this website implies full knowledge and acceptance of the terms of use and all legal notices described or referenced on this page.
The User acknowledges having read these conditions and undertakes to comply with them.

The User must only transmit to the Service the data explicitly requested. The Company cannot be held responsible for data transmitted by the User but not explicitly requested by the Service.

The User undertakes to use the Service only for operations explicitly provided for by the Service and which are lawful, in compliance with the laws and regulations in force. The User also undertakes not to attempt to divert the Service from its intended use or to obtain data not explicitly provided by the Service. Any form of hacking, unauthorized intrusion or modification, or attempt to alter the Service, including denial-of-service (DoS) attacks or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, is strictly prohibited. Such activities are considered serious violations of the Terms of Use and may result in legal action.

Privacy Policy

Last updated on 04/22/2024

The present privacy policy describes the way in which our Company uses and protects the information transmitted by Users when browsing the present website, accessible from the following URL: Productivity and Quality for all Chip Designs – Aniah (hereinafter the “Site”).
This privacy policy may be modified or supplemented at any time by the Company, in particular in order to comply with any changes in the context. The date on which this policy is updated is displayed for the purpose of tracking changes. Such modifications are binding on the User as soon as they are posted online. It is therefore advisable for the User to consult this privacy policy regularly in order to take note of any changes.

Data and processing

Processed data Purpose of processing Data recipient Shelf life

IP address

Traffic analysis related to the security of the Service and its publisher (incident prevention and response);

Non-individual usage statistics ;

The Company (see “Service provider” section)

1 year maximum, except where digital evidence must be preserved in the event of security incidents

Website navigation data (time stamp, pages visited, requests sent and navigation parameters)

Traffic analysis related to the security of the Service and its publisher (incident prevention and response);

Non-individual usage statistics ;

The Company (see “Service provider” section)

1 year maximum, except where digital evidence must be preserved in the event of security incidents

Transfer of collected data

Partner Quality Destination country Purpose of processing Privacy policy



Website development, Google Analytics management and hosting.

Mentions légales – Mexiiico

WP Engine (Mexiiico subcontractor)


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Site hosting.

https://wpengine.com/le gal/privacy/

Google Analytics


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Traffic analysis to improve the Site’s commercial and technical performance.



Any processing of data explicitly transmitted by the User is subject to a request for the User’s consent by the Service.

User rights

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act and European Regulation 2016/679 (RGPD) the User has the following rights in relation to your personal data:

  • Right of access
  • Right of rectification Right of deletion
  • Right to limit processing Right to object to processing
  • Right to data portability

The User has the right to withdraw his or her consent to the use of transmitted data at any time. This request must be made by the User in a written and unequivocal manner by e-mail to dpo@aniah.fr or by post (see the “Service Editor” section).
Any such request must include the User’s surname, first name, e-mail address, company, if applicable, the nature of the right(s) the User wishes to exercise and any information enabling us to carry out the request.

The Company reserves the right to refuse any request that is illegitimate, illicit, contrary to an analysis of a possible security incident or at the request of government authorities.

We make every effort to comply with current laws and regulations in order to guarantee the security and your rights concerning your personal data.
However, should you become aware of any breach of these regulations, please contact us at dpo@aniah.fr. You are also entitled to lodge acomplaint with the supervisory authority.

Intellectual property

This website is an intellectual work protected by intellectual property laws. The entirety of this website is the exclusive property of ANIAH (see “Service publisher” section).
Any partial or total representation or alteration of the Website is strictly prohibited.

Cookies policy

Please refer to our page dedicated to Cookie Policy.


The products sold by ANIAH are subject to the conclusion of contracts governing the use of said products, in particular by means of user licenses. Non-compliance with the terms of use, piracy and any form of illicit use of our software products is a violation of the terms governing their use and seriously damages our company. Such infringements are liable to civil and criminal penalties.

As part of the fight against piracy, ANIAH takes steps to protect its assets in order to prevent piracy, detect and, wherever possible, remind illegal Users of the rules governing the use of its products.

Any illicit use of ANIAH products is equally damaging for your company in a contractual, legal and fair competition framework, as well as in terms of the IT risks induced by the use of pirate software.

If you suspect fraud, please contact ANIAH at securite@aniah.fr.